Marilyn Szabo

At Work in Arizona

At Work in Arizona: The First 100 Years is a history of the state’s economy from Alliance Bank of Arizona’s “At Work in Arizona” bank wide photographic exhibition. In 2003, when the Bank’s CEO Jim Lundy, who grew up the son of a mining-engineer in the copper town of Miami, Arizona, decided to honor the working spirit of Arizonans with an inspiring exhibition of historical and modern photography in the Bank branches and offices. He hired award-winning, professional photographer Marilyn Szabo to curate the project, and since 2003 she has researched, selected or photographed over 300 images that are exhibited in Alliance Bank’s 10 locations (and growing) in the state.

At Work in Arizona was envisioned by Jim Lundy, curated by Marilyn Szabo and written by Stuart Rosebrook, who have all lived and worked in the state for much of their lives. The book honors the men and women who envisioned the state’s future a century ago, and have worked tirelessly through entrepreneurism, enterprise and hard work to build Arizona into a state.

Since the Bank’s founding in 2003 by Western Bancorporation Chairman Robert Sarver and Alliance CEO Jim Lundy the Bank has made a difference in the communities it serves in Arizona and is well positioned for future growth and success. Alliance Bank is the largest bank in the Arizona and is seventh in market share for all banks in the state.